1.           Akomplice at HTown Sneaker Summit AllStar Edition 2013

    During this year’s Allstar Weekend in Houston I was in attendance with the Akomplice Clothing team. As expected, the event was a huge success with over 500 eventgoers in attendance. Akomplice Clothing, a supporter since the very beginning, showcased some of their latest apparel and accessories all while giving more exposure of their brand to patrons who may have not known of them beforehand. Big shoutout to Pat and Blake over at Akomplice. Lookout for more collaborations between myself and Akomplice in the near future.

    This video and my relationship with the owners at Akomplice Clothing brings me to my next point, the power of networking. A little over a month ago I traveled to New York to attend the Agenda Tradeshow. An event not open for the public for streetwear industry professionals to showcase and buy upcoming collections for future purchasing. Huge success - after rushing to the airport to make my flight back home I met a guy decked in the security checkout line. Really cool guy and we connected instantly on our thoughts of streetwear fashions, its future amongst other things. We chatted it up all the way through checkout, exchanged contact information and parted ways. Minutes later I boarded the plane and the guy in which I found out to be the owner of Akomplice Clothing was sitting on the plane.

    We took the opportunity to chat it up more and I mentioned to him that I’d like to attend more industry tradeshows to learn as much as possible about the business side of streetwear and all forms of fashion alike. His reply was ‘Dude, I can get you in. Just let me know and I got you.’ From there we agreed on me attending and assisting their booth at the H-Town Sneaker Summit and then to build from there. This event was the 1st step and I’m not looking back. More to come. Stay motivated people.

    Today’s lesson: Open your mouth and network. You never know who’s standing right next to you.


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  4. Life is like photography, you develop through the negatives

  5. I’m never content with what I do. I live in sort of a permanent dissatisfaction. I think that’s the secret to doing things well.
    ~Karl Lagerfeld

  6. Earlier today I was viewing the discussion board for my photography class online and I came across a guy who couldn’t get over the hump in terms of picking up his camera and shooting a complete stranger. He at least has ambitions to become a better photographer otherwise he wouldn’t have enrolled in this course. I suggested a couple things to him and if you find yourself in the same predicament of various sorts take heed:

    1. Just Do It // You have to stop worrying about what others may think of you. You have to realize that whatever you are trying to pursue that your progression in your desired field is more important that what others have to say or think. Just start and don’t look back. You’ll find yourself more comfortable with doing exactly what it is you do.

    2. The More Comfortable You In Your Skin The Less People Will Judge You // Perspective is everything and you only get one chance to make a 1st impression so it must be done right. The more comfortable you are in your skin the less judgmental you think people will be towards you. There’s only one you; embrace it and do you!

    3. Say F It! // You have to realize that you want to become a better photographer more than you can care about what people have to say. Honestly, and excuse my French, say F it! Who cares what people think? This is what I’m passionate about and this is what I’m going to pursue. Remember, those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.

    4. Watch Video // Lastly, and most importantly, you should search for inspiration and motivation daily for its what we believe that imprisons our thoughts and our mind. This video is a great source of inspiration especially for someone who finds it hard to get over the hump.

    Stay focused.




    In continuation of my last post I had the opportunity in viewing a photo shoot by J Mannion and graphic artist Jon Contino. Prior to the shoot Professor Mannion similarly does exactly what I usually do and that is to find any and everything I could possibly find out about the individual in which I’m shooting. I found that doing this helps create a more relaxed environment when shooting especially because you now have information that can get the subject to put their guards down and be themselves evenmoreso. Furthermore, this helps in capturing images you wouldn’t have before without knowing the knowledge you knew about your subject.

    Professor Mannion also went into more detail about how he innately composes a shot by moving around and viewing different angles to capture a different perspective. I can relate to this completely because I too picked up this characteristic from previous photo shoots with clients. Being able to read your subject’s mood and knowing when you should move on to the next shot are other key ingredients in achieving the powerful image in which you envisioned. If you’re an image-maker or in the creative arena another trait I picked up is to interact as much as possible with your subject. The more comfortable you are as a photographer the more comfortable your subject will be and in turn your images will be more genuine and you’ll capture their true character within the frame of your tool, your camera.

    ALERT: I’m still looking for people to shoot as a part of my final project for this class. Subjects of all backgrounds, gender etc. are welcomed. If interested, contact me via email info@goobjonze.com




    The course I’m currently taking with J Mannion aka Professor Mannion is going really well. He currently hosted a live chat with our entire class of 1,855 photographers from all corners of the globe. It’s a great opportunity being in this course as I feel I’ll take in a wealth of knowledge especially having a dope teacher like J Mannion. It’s really cool that he’s just as excited about the class as the students are. From my days in college I find that I retain more information when your teachers are actively current in their respective fields…and who’s more active than Professor Mannion?

    It’s a very well organized course seeing that it’s only 2 weeks of coursework. One thing mentioned in the live chat in which I’m excited about was that we will be able to view a live photo shoot by Professor J and a client. He’ll discuss lighting tips in addition to other intangible skills like how to properly direct a photo shoot and the psychology shooting. This course couldn’t have come at greater time than now. Before my recent trip to the Big Apple I purchased a lighting kit consisting of 3 studio Red Head Lights with barndoors included. Great addition to my personal arsenal of photographic equipment especially because I’ve been anticipating upon their arrival. 

    The course is centered around portraiture photography and I’m currently looking for volunteers to shoot. So if you’re in the New Orleans metropolitan area please let me shoot you haha. We both can learn and build on ideas and help one another grow creatively; all while achieving a really dope portrait. If interested, contact me via email at info@goobjonze.com


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    Our first assignment in J Mannion’s photography course was to submit a photographic mood board of work we’ve either have shot already or types of photography in which we’d like to explore more. I submitted my mood board consisting of photography I shot either with my DSLR camera or my iPhone 4. One type of photography I’d like to learn more about is a technique called low key lighting. This technique was used in the classic film noir movies. I’m a big fan of these types of films and always wanted to learn more about this technique other than what I already learned in college. Professor Mannion plans to go over our entire class’s mood boards and give constructive feedback. I look forward to his words of wisdom as I’m soaking up any tips and info given like a sponge. 

    If you’re unfamiliar with film noir movies and low key lighting take a look at the pic. If you’ve seen the movie Sin City low key lighting is the technique used to achieve that dark and mysterious look. Stay tuned through my progression of this once in a lifetime course.

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  10. Tomorrow begins a new chapter in life for me. My class with legendary photographer, Jonathan Mannion, begins and I couldn’t be more excited about getting work done and learning from such a seasoned vet in the game of photography. Mr. Mannion, my professor, is one of the most known unknowns whereas I’m more than sure you’ve seen his work but never knew who was the man behind it all. Watch the video to see exactly who the man behind the lens is and what he’s accomplished.

    I’m extremely humbled and excited to get the ball rolling for this website is the plight of someone who has the desire to attain knowledge daily while achieving goals sought out for myself all while inspiring others to do the same. It’s no looking back anymore. It’s now or never!

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